Our discrete service means that you can use your high end car or stable of cars to release cash and still retain your vehicle. Use your car to fund your needs.

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Equity Release

Access to cash on your terms

Equity Release is ideal for customers who want to release value from their existing car or stable of cars. SCF provide a cash injection when you need it. This product is a particularly flexible one and you can renew the facility every 3 months for up to a year. Use your car to fund your needs.

Equity Release SLR

Discrete, flexible service

This product means you can get money when you need it by using something you already own. We put an expert value on the car and provide up to 75% Loan to Value on the car. The fee is realistic and you can end the agreement every quarter within the years loan period. With a tracker fitted, you keep hold of your car, so you can still enjoy your pride and joy.

Equity Release Aston Martin

Simple, fast and efficient

Complete the form which you can find here or below. We work with you to put a value on the car and then we provide up to 75% of the value of the car deposited into your account. Once you sort your cash flow you can simply end the agreement by paying us a set fee which makes budgeting easy. That is it – simple, fast and efficient!

Equity Release Ferarri

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