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At Specialist Car Finance, we assist our clientele in a range of capacities, from equity release to refinancing their vehicles. Our business is in providing highly competitive business loans that are available regardless of credit history. Not only that, but our clients can benefit from excellent loan rates from as low as 4.9% APR. As for our services, we are here to help with:
Sale And Lease Back Porsche

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Secure an Equity Release with Specialist Car Finance

Classic cars often represent a significant long-term investment, as evidenced by how certain models have gained a substantial amount of value in recent years. As such, classic cars are an excellent means of financing your next vehicle or releasing funds. At Specialist Car Finance, we offer loans which are flexible with various terms considered.

Capital release as equity release is otherwise known as a quick and easy way to unlock any capital that is tied up with an asset, e.g. your car or home. If you require funds to cover a purchase or perhaps an upcoming activity or project, an equity release will provide you with a cash payment for the agreed amount.

What is the Lending Criteria?

Here at Specialist Car Finance, we recognise that no two individual’s circumstances are ever the same, and neither is our approach to lending. We account for your specific requirements to create a package that’s tailored to you. Such considerations we make include the asset you are seeking to finance. We also take into account the proposed loan structure.

A key differentiator at SCF is that we look for reasons to fund a car or release equity. As Entrepreneurs, we want to say “Yes” so we are here for you when traditional lenders might not be.

It’s worth noting that we have a set lending criterion that remains standard with all dealings. If you would like to find out more about what this criterion entails, make sure to call us as we will be more than happy to talk you through the details.

To qualify for our specialist services and products you must be:

  • Over 30yrs old
  • A High net worth individual
  • Or will be using the loan for business use
  • The vehicle loaned against must be owned and in your name
  • The vehicle must fall within our ‘Type of Cars’ criteria

Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase is a product which enables you to access a new car with as little as 25% down on the price of the car. We buy the majority of the car, you lease it back and then pay it off. Simple and effective, securing the car you want when you want it.

Drive the car out of the dealer doors with a fantastic rate of interest starting at 6% flat. We will of course provide a full quote after application but, by way of example, to drive away a car with a starting value of £100k you would only pay £525 per month. 

This product enables the lease and purchase of high-end cars without the hassle and it also means that if you dont want to use traditional finance to fund that special car then SCF are standing by your side with the ability to make it happen.

Car Refinancing Explained

Car refinancing is as simple as acquiring a new loan to settle the balance on an existing car finance loan much like when you remorgage to get a better rate. Another example reated to cars is taking out a loan to pay off the “balloon payment” – something those on a PCP contract might be considering. Refinancing helps in both respects.

Disclaimer – it should be noted that if you opt for an unsecured personal loan, certain fundamental rights that fall under the Consumer Credit Act (CCA) will be lost. You will lose access to the Voluntary Termination (VT) clauses and won’t be permitted to hand back the car at the end of the term.

Our loans are classified as ‘debt consolidation’ loans and are secured against your vehicle. This will not only ensure complete peace of mind on your part but will also help remove the debt from your credit file.

Portfolio Finance

From time to time, it becomes apparent that the funds obtained through equity release are insufficient to cover an upcoming purchase. In such situations, Specialist Car Finance can help through the provision of portfolio finance. We will offer a higher loan to value where necessary. For instance, your collection might be worth £2 million, but you can only obtain half of that value. A higher loan to value will help to bridge the gap.

Car Purchase

We have an extensive network of specialist valuers and car dealers and can offer competitive prices for your vehicle should you wish to sell.

What Types of Cars Do We Finance


If you own a collection of classic cars, no matter the age, then you may have thought about equity release. It is here where our team of specialists can help by offering expert advice and unbeatable offers. While you may have received a quote from a high street lender, the loan to value ratio might not be high enough. In these situations, consulting with our team can bridge the gap so that you get the required amount.


We are proud to offer clients support with their super car purchase at all stages. Our team enjoy delving into the world of exotic vehicles, so they will be keen to offer any assistance that is required. We realise that each purchase is different, so we always tailor our work to the needs of clients and offer a personalised service. With the help of our staff, you will be able to get behind the wheel of your dream car.


It can often be challenging to find expert financial advice in the field of motor sport. Fortunately, our team are specialists, so they are confident in being able to help all clients. Our team will help to release cashflow for the upcoming season so that you are financially covered. We can even offer services to help with the organisation of trailers and transporters so as to further lighten the burden on clients.


While primarily dealing with cars, our staff can also provide services focused on personal boats and planes. We have a specialised team available for consultations, who will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail. Whether we are dealing with an air or water craft, you can rely on our staff to offer useful financial advice to help with your situation.

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