“Due to the nature of my business I often need to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves quickly. I now know I can access quick cash using my stable of cars, take on those opportunities and put the cash to work ”

John L, Walton on Thames

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Short Term Buy Back

Bridge the Gap

This product makes sense where you have a relatively short term need for cash. SCF buy your car, deposit cash into your account and you have up to 56 days to buy the car back whilst still keeping use of the car. This product is particually useful for property developers or those who need a quick and easy, same day delivery of cash. Use your existing car to bridge the gap.

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Straight forward - Same day

SCF buys the car without the hassle of lengthy credit checks or underwriting. A quick valuation and offer is made.  On acceptance an appointment is made to view the car and to sign the agreement,  you get your cash the same day and keep use of the car. The interest rate is a very reasonable and we settle any outstanding finance.

Simple, fast and efficient

The process is by nature fast and timely. Send us an enquiry here or fill out the form below and we will get straight on the case. When under pressure to fund a project, we help you release the cash quickly from your asset . You buy the car back with a reasonable fee at the end of term. We also offer a buying service should you wish to cash out at anytime. Simple, fast and efficient. Minimum car value £40,000.

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