“I needed a finance solution which meant I did not have to jump though numerous hoops simply to access quick finance. After a short application and a few docs I was able to choose a product which meant I could access the finance and keep my vehicle – Thanks to the team at SCF who were on point – great, fast, no nonsense service.”

Mark Edwards, Clitheroe

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Sale and Lease Back

Release Equity and Lease Back

With Sale and Lease Back you benefit from a cash injection whilst still driving your car. Most entrepreneurs want cash to fund growth at some point and you can use your existing car to release equity then lease the car with the guaranteed option of being able to purchase the car back at the end of the lease term Lease the car for up to a year or end it early – the choice is yours.

Sale And Lease Back Porsche

Purchase the car back from us

SCF buy the car from you at an agreed price. Existing finance agreements can be settled. We release the funds to you swiftly and lease the car back to you , at the end of term you purchase the car back from us. This product represents a win win for our customers – you get to drive the car plus enjoy money in the bank to fund your own enterprises. Affordable low rate interest only payments make this a great option to release funds that can work hard for you.

Sale And Lease Back Jaguar

Sale and Leaseback gives you the best of both worlds

We are also entrepreneurs so we understand that you want things done with the least amount of hassle. Simply fill in the form here or below and we will conduct a quick appraisal of the car in order to release the funds to you. While you lease, a tracker is required to protect you and the asset and insurance must be in place. Sale and Leaseback gives you the best of both worlds and is simple to apply for, fast to release equity and makes efficient use of your time so you can get on with powering your future.

Short Term Lease Back Aston Martin

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