Financing Your Car Auction Purchase?


With classic and supercar prices increasing and the marketplace growing ever more competitive, many customers are now choosing car auctions over dealerships to find their dream vehicles. The thrill of browsing, bidding and buying can be addictive, but what about financing a winning lot?

Buying Classic and Supercars at Auction

The internet has made finding and buying a new or used car quick, easy and often more affordable than at a dealership, with car auction sites such as Collecting Cars becoming the go-to suppliers for collectors. But problems can arise with sourcing funds, as most high value car loans, leases and other financing options are based on purchases from dealerships, not auctions. 

While most lenders will only finance cars from dealers, Specialist Car Finance can support customers with buying cars at auction. Following an application submission and an inspection and valuation by one of our specialists, we can then lend a loan of up to 75% of the value for your auction purchase.

Case Study – The Supercar Collector

One of our existing customers, who had already purchased two supercars using our specialist vehicle financing, wanted to buy a third car using an auction site. As he had already been approved by us for credit, we simply completed the car checks and added the new one to his schedule of vehicles. He is now happily bidding for another for his collection!

Having a credit line agreed with us in advance means that you can shop around and add cars when it suits you, knowing your finances are covered. Our process is simple:

  • Submit your application on our website, over the phone or by email, providing us with the specifics of your car and requirements so we can find the right product options for you.
  • One of our in-house panel of experts will then complete a vehicle valuation, giving you the peace of mind that you have an accurate assessment of the market value of the chosen car.
  • Our team will talk you through a range of flexible finance options, giving you full control over the final decision and releasing the funds you need to go ahead with your auction purchase.

Specialist Car Finance Tailored To You

As a privately backed independent lender, we specialise in supporting customers on a one-to-one basis with their classic and supercar purchases, either from car auctions, dealerships or a private seller. With our flexible car credit assessment, we can help you to gain access to the credit you need and provide a straightforward, trustworthy and stress-free approach to financing your auction buys.

Whether you are bidding for your first classic vehicle or building a supercar collection, Specialist Car Finance are here to ensure you have the funds you need to realise your dream. To take advantage of our low rates, expert knowledge, flexible payment terms and quick response time, apply for an online quote, request a call back on +44 (0) 204 538 1777 or email