Repay at the speed you choose, with SCF’s Payment Holidays


When you buy, sell, and finance supercars and other high-end vehicles you need more than just a high-street lender. Most of these faceless corporations are scared to even look at the vehicles we work with. Even if you manage to get a high-street lender who’ll bother to answer the phone, adjusting the terms of your supercar or prestige car finance deal can be an absolute nightmare.

You need a partner – preferably one who understands your financial situation and can respond flexibly. This is why most people buying and selling prestige vehicles prefer to work with an independent specialist like SCF. There are no call centres, no departmental pass-the-parcel. Just us.

Our Equity Release products are built to change with your circumstances – whatever your circumstances.

SCF Payment Holidays

SCF Payment Holidays are a way to provide you with as much flexibility as you need on any Equity Release product where the Loan-to-Value amount is 50% or less.

It’s your loan. We trust you to repay us. We’ll take that money when you’re ready – and if that’s at the end of the 12-month loan agreement period, that’s fine with us.

The interest you’ll pay remains the same, whether you make monthly payments or not. And if you find that you’re ready to repay the full amount early, that’s no problem either – you’ll face no penalties for ending the agreement ahead of schedule.

The point is, you’ve got that flexibility in case you need it.

Who needs a Payment Holiday?

Our customers are a diverse group of entrepreneurs, independently wealthy individuals, and older people who’ve invested wisely. The one thing they’ve all got in common? They understand money.

We have confidence in our customers, and we have faith in their finance portfolios. Our products are designed to save them time and hassle, so they can enjoy the lifestyle they’ve earned.

For our older customers, a payment holiday can be useful because they’re less likely to enjoy a regular salaried income – their money is more often tied up in assets and investments. Depending on the circumstances, it can be much more convenient to make a single lump sum repayment, rather than accessing a larger reserve of capital on twelve separate occasions.

The benefits of larger, less frequent transactions can be useful to younger people too – if you’ve released equity from your vehicle to invest it elsewhere, it’s likely that you won’t begin to see a return on your investment for several months. During that time, you might not want the burden of a repayment schedule.

Here at SCF, we understand this, so we’ve designed all our products to meet the needs of our customers. We’ll give you the freedom to be smart with our money, as well as your own. You clearly know what you’re doing – that incredible vehicle of yours is a bit of a giveaway!

If you’d like to know more about our Equity Release products, you can request a callback on

+44 (0) 204 538 1777, or fill out the form for an online quote. If you’re an existing customer who needs a payment holiday, you’ve already got our number, so just drop us a quick message and we’ll get it sorted.