Interest-only supercar finance – how the rich stay rich


Rich people are often smart people. Not always, but often. And the shrewd ones know that just because you can afford something, doesn’t mean that you should.

Any financial adviser or wealth manager will tell you that interest-only finance deals aren’t just for the cash-strapped – they’re a smart way to make sure what you pay out matches what you need.

If you’re like us, you probably suffer from G.A.S. That’s Gear Acquisition Syndrome. It means you like getting shiny stuff. What’s better than your beautiful new supercar or hypercar? Your next beautiful new hypercar, that’s what.

So why not keep your payments low, then in 12 months when you want to trade it in for your next car, you’re not trying to claw back all that cash on the sale value?

How interest-only specialist car finance can work for you

The reason most car finance lenders prefer amortisation (paying back the money that was actually borrowed, not just the interest) is because the value of most cars will depreciate (drop) quite quickly over time. With amortisation, the customer covers that loss of value.

However, a lot of this depends on the vehicle. And when you’re talking about the kind of vehicles we’re buying and selling, the age becomes less of a factor. For example, if you’re investing £230,000 in a McClaren 720S, you’re not just buying a car – you’re buying an automotive masterpiece. That value isn’t coming down any time soon.

Here at SCF, we’re going to give you a lease purchase deal that takes all this into account.

You’re not average, are you? Neither are we. And the cars we finance? They’re about as far from average as you can get. And interest-only payments means that these mindblowing creations could actually be available on your budget.

Our 12-month limited products are arranged with flexibility in mind, so if at the end of the loan period, you’ve bonded too tightly with the car to let go, we can work with you to find a new finance arrangement that allows you to keep hold of your prized possession.

Oh, and one more thing. We live and breathe these cars. Faris Fisher, our founder, bought his first Porsche when he was barely out of his teens – then traded it for a Ferrari F355. Anything you want to buy, we’ll inspect it from top to bottom, and make sure you’re getting a good deal. We also know all the best people to speak to when it’s time to trade up – or add another supercar or hypercar to your collection.

If you’ve got your eye on one already, get in touch with us today at Specialist Car Finance. Give us some details, and we’ll put together an instant quote based on what you tell us. We can put you behind that wheel in no time.