It can be tough at the top. Here at SCF, we understand what it takes to make success. Sometimes, risks have to be taken, and gambles have to be made.

Even if a move pays off long-term, your credit rating can pay the price, leaving you persona non grata with high street lenders who are unable or unwilling to take your portfolio into account.

Alternatively, your assets may be tied up in your company, leaving you with insufficient demonstrable personal income to secure credit for the things you want. Which can make it really complicated when you’re finally ready to buy a specialist vehicle.

If this sounds familiar, then you may be interested in our Lease Purchase Agreements. Designed with high-net-worth individuals in mind, we can put you in the driving seat of your choice.

Why Lease Purchase with SCF?

  • No impact on your credit rating. As we take ownership of the vehicle until the balance is paid, your credit rating is unaffected.
  • We’ll make sure the car is right. As part of the service, our in-house team of experts will value and inspect the vehicle to ensure that you’re getting a fair deal. With decades of experience working exclusively with classic car financing, supercar finance and sports car finance, you’ll reap the benefit of our focused expertise.
  • Streamlined approval process. We’re a lender, not a broker. This gives us the flexibility to provide finance products based on your personal requirements. We have a high acceptance rate, and we don’t discriminate against the over-65s or blindly reject those with a varied credit history.

How Our Lease Purchase Agreement Works

Our Lease Purchase Agreements are designed to get you the car you want, without the fuss.

Once you’ve found the car, and filled out the short form, we’ll get in touch for a quick chat about what you need.

Then we’ll take it from there. We’ll contact the dealer, and make sure that the vehicle is up to standard. We fit a tracker, for your peace of mind. We’ll ask you to insure the car, then pay 25% of the sale value. Then we pay for the rest of the car, and you drive away.

We calculate a low interest-only monthly payment amount. You make payments for 12 months.

At the end of that time, you can either clear the balance or apply for another 12-month agreement. Once the balance is cleared, ownership is transferred, and the car is yours.

As the UK’s only independent finance provider dedicated solely to high-end vehicle finance, the cars that we work with are exceptional. It makes sense that the customers are exceptional too.

If you’re a prestige car customer who’s getting let down by run-of-the-mill car finance, get in touch today.