There’s lots of great advantages to owning a high-end vehicle. Apart from being amazing fun to drive, they’re also high value assets. Which means that once you’ve got your first supercar, you can use the equity to get your next one with our specialist supercar finance agreements, designed with your needs in mind.

Let’s say you’ve spotted the next car for your collection. But the timing’s not great.

Perhaps you’re involved in a large transaction that’s taking longer than expected – a property deal, for example, or a share transfer.

These delays are an unavoidable feature of high-value transactions, but when you’re looking to buy a particular vehicle, a cash flow blip in your personal finances could mean you miss out.

These are prestigious machines that are highly sought-after. Waiting lists can be long, and the competition to obtain certain cars can be fierce. Some dream cars just don’t come round again. Do you want to waste valuable time trapped in an endless series of call centre chats and credit checks?

When looking for specialist car finance, it’s important to work with a finance partner who moves as fast as you do. Many traditional lenders are saddled with a lengthy onboarding process, excessive documentation and prohibitive credit checks.

While no-one would argue the importance of ensuring a customer’s ability to repay, this inflexible approach often neglects to take into account the assets and finance portfolio that can provide the security necessary for luxury car finance.

With our Equity Release agreements, you can release the value of your current vehicle to make your next purchase quickly. This short-term agreement is perfect when you’re waiting for a resolution to a high value transaction that’s dragging on longer than it should.

Equity Release Agreement

We’ll purchase your current vehicle and release up to 75% of the value to you. We’ll calculate a low interest-only monthly payment, based on a realistic and affordable rate of interest. The car stays with you, while you lease it from us (and we’ll fit a tracker to ensure that both you and the car are protected).

You’ll have the option to end the deal every three months, which means if you’re waiting for a deal to complete, you can repay as soon as you’re ready, and you won’t have to wait until the end of the deal to regain ownership of the vehicle.

If you choose to release less than 50% of the value of the car, you can avoid monthly repayments altogether, simply repaying the capital sum + interest at the end of the agreement.

Why choose Specialist Car Finance?

We’re the UK’s only independent finance provider working exclusively with classic car financing and supercar finance.

We understand the needs and processes of high net-worth individuals, and we’ve created a range of finance packages to suit. We use an intelligent, flexible credit assessment, and we lend to individuals with the means to turn short-term credit around quickly.

We’re an independent lender, so our approval decisions are entirely our own. Get in touch today, for a car finance partner that understands how specialist car finance works.