Your Car is an Asset – Make it Work for You, with Sale and Lease Back


Owning a high-performance vehicle is a privilege not enjoyed by many. But it’s also an investment. And if you need to put that investment to work, SCF can help.

Raising capital can be exhausting. There’s often a lot of strings attached. Even working with private lenders can be challenging, and leave you committed in ways that really don’t suit you.

The good news is that with car asset finance, you’ve already got the money. And you don’t have to sacrifice anything to get it.

SCF’s Sale and Lease Back products allow you to release the equity stored in your vehicle, with no impact on your credit history.

We’ll buy your car, and lease it back to you for 12 months, then you buy it back from us for the same amount we paid you for it.

You’ll still be driving your dream car. And your new enterprise will be flourishing, without any need to pay back investors.

Why Sale and Lease Back with SCF?

  • Low-cost lease payments. Sale and Lease Back is designed to give you maximum capital when you need it. This is why your repayments are interest-only, to keep your outgoings low and let you take full advantage of the situation.
  • Take the ‘no monthly fee’ option. We will always have an option to suit your situation – if you prefer, we can provide car asset finance without the need for monthly payments. Simply repay the outstanding balance at the end of the 12-month period instead.
  • High-end vehicle expertise. We only work with high-performance vehicles. Our in-house team of experts will accurately assess the condition and value of your prized possession, ensuring that our partnership with you is scrupulously fair.
  • Hassle-free approval process. SCF is an independent lender. We don’t need to jump through anyone’s hoops. We’ll assess your personal requirements and provide your finance products based on our own assessment. We have a high acceptance rate, and we work with clients regardless of age or credit history. You’ll receive a decision in principle within 24 hours of your application.

SCF aren’t just here to help you with your car finance. As entrepreneurs, we understand that your high-end purchases are investments too. Your empire isn’t just built upon your hard work – the people you choose to do business with are vital to your continued success. If you work with us, we’ll ensure that your automotive investments can be fully realised as assets.

Your cars are part of your portfolio. When you choose car asset finance with SCF, we can help you put your car to work.

What if I’m not in a position to buy the vehicle back after 12 months?

Absolutely no problem. We can reassess your situation, and provide extension products tailored to your needs, in order to give you any additional time you might require.

As the UK’s only independent finance provider specialising in high-performance vehicle finance, we take pride in understanding the ins and outs of high-performance vehicle ownership. Our services and products are designed to suit the specific needs of our clientele.

If you’re a high-performance car customer who needs some different car finance options, get in touch today.