Short Term Buy Back with SCF


People sometimes get the wrong idea when they see a beautiful high-performance vehicle. They make all sorts of assumptions about the driver (possibly out of jealousy). They may see your vehicle as an extravagance, a vulgar display of wealth, a waste of money.

What they don’t know is that owning a high-end vehicle can provide you with a financial flexibility and agility that is almost impossible to find elsewhere.

For those of us adventurous enough to make our own way in the world, being able to find money quickly can reap huge rewards. Sometimes the payoff on a high stakes investment can occur as quickly as the opportunity presented itself in the first place. It’s imperative that you can source cash without delay or complication.

Or maybe it’s something simpler, like a family crisis, or an unexpected bill. Whatever the cause, vehicle equity can provide the answer to your problems.

SCF’s Short Term Buy Back is a short-term bridging product that provides a same-day cash release with no credit check, for owners of vehicles worth more than £40,000. You keep hold of the vehicle throughout the entire process.

How Short Term Buy Back with SCF can help

We put the customer and the car first – no credit check required.

We provide a specialised service for high-end car owners. If you require supercar finance, sportscar finance, or vintage car finance, it’s fairly clear that you aren’t the average customer. So we won’t put you through the average process. If your credit score means you struggle to access mainstream finance, we can help.

Expert valuation based on decades of specialist car experience

We have decades of experience working with high-end vehicles, and we’ll bring our expertise to bear when we value your car. Don’t waste your time with companies who don’t understand the true worth of these wonderful vehicles.

Same-day cash release, minimal paperwork.

Short Term Buy Back is intended to provide you with a short notice cash injection. So we give you our decision, purchase your car, and provide you with the cash – all in the same day. The car remains in your possession at all times.

60 days repayment-free, buy back at any point.

No hassles and complicated repayment schedule with SCF Short Term Buy Back. You can settle earlier if you’re ready, with no need to wait the full 60 days. If further issues arise, making it difficult to repay, you can either choose to leave the car with us, or we have a range of other car asset finance options to help you continue your car finance partnership with SCF for as long as you need.

Our expertise in specialist vehicle finance is unparalleled. If you need to move quickly, and need a car finance partner who understands both the vehicles you love, and the way you spend and make money, then get in touch with SCF on 0204 538 1777 today.